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I'm a big Linkin Park fan, I also like many rock bands and Tv series :)


Scott was absolutely fucking wrong throwing Isaac around. Isaac is an abuse victim, Scott knows that. Isaac asked Scott to hit him, because he is an abuse victim, he thinks he deserves to be hit when he does something he considers bad. But it was not out of character for Scott to do that.



Only these two can make being tied up and electrocuted look so good. 

In the end, we were made to be apart in separate chambers of the human heart.

Burning In The Skies. Linkin Park. (via constantlypursuingyou)

Another day’s been laid to waste.


Stuck in my head again, feels like I’ll never leave this place; There’s no escape. I’m my own worst enemy

I’ve given up, I’m sick of feeling, is there nothing you can say? Take this all away, I’m suffocating. Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me.